Learning Networks Effectiveness Research Program

    We hope the WebCenter for Learning Networks Effectiveness Research will become the cyberspace home for a knowledge-building community of researchers in this area and a knowledge base for anyone who wants to learn about it. The project proposal below lays out a plan for what we hope to add and the order in which to build these components. Please give us suggestions for what you most want to have added (in the Feedback conference) and send us contributions for the various parts of the WebCenter.

 Table of Contents


    1. Create a Knowledge Base of ALN Research Results

        1.1 Synthesis of Published Research

        1.2 Research Methods

   2. Stimulate Methodological Innovations

   3. Build Theoretical Frameworks

   4. Examples of Project Activities

       4.1 Some Research Issues

       4.2 More Details on Methodological Issues


  6. Timetable

Whole Project 

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