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Welcome to 06am.net, one of just a few domains that make up the tropico shoal network. This domain serves as my fanlisting collective. Here you can find my owned and joined fanlisting, those I'd kill love own, my fanlistings will, and babies I'll never part with. Please enjoy your visit!

Wait a minute....

Danielle, 8.27.14 - 1337 PST

When I re-launched this collective back in February I had great expectactions and big dreams for it. Unforetunately, life has caused me to come crashing back into reality. I don't have as much time for this collective as I'd like. In fact, I hardly have any time at all and it realy does break my heart. I do perform regular check-ups on it and keep the fanlistings up to date and such. However, between school and work (and moving to a whole new state) I just don't have the time. For the present I'm gardening my little colleciton of lovelies and won't be apping for anyhting unless it's something that I absolutely need. I have about 95% of my wishlisters... with the exception of Katara (ATLAB) and Jacob Black (Twilight Series) there aren't really any subjects that I'd apply for. Maybe Beauty and the Beast (CW TV series)? The point of my rambling is simply to let whatever people who do happen across this page that I'm not dead. Busy - but not DEAD.

You weren't special until I made you so.

Danielle, 2.22.14 - 0735 PST

After almost a year of downtime I am proud to say that I am slowly working on bringing 06am.net back online. It is a slow and trying process, so please bear with me. If you happen to encouter and broken pages or code errors, even script errors with Enthusiast, please send me an email at oohxlove[at]gmail.com!